Suicide – The only way out of debt?

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Kantibai's husband died after drinking the chemicals he used to farm with. After his death Kantibai discovered her family was in debt.

This has become a familiar story in India where nearly 300,000 farmers killed themselves to get out of debt between 1995 and 2011. In the state of Maharashtra … more

Misleading advertising




The word crisis in Chinese is composed of two ideograms wej-ji which respectively mean danger and opportunity.

If the first symbol did not exist the second would not make sense because each one of us in a condition of well-being does not ask questions and lives in pleasure without any worries. … more

The human side of Google

Google Search "Reunion"

This is the story of Yusuf and Baldev. Two young friends living in Lahore and spending all their time together, as only kids use to.

But suddenly one day their lives change. Their Country is partitioned and overnight Baldev is forced to move to Delhi. Since that moment he is unable to see, play … more

The harvest of shame

tomatoes harvest

I sometimes ask myself why certain foodstuffs – such as fruits and vegetables are sold at a low price.

The Price has become a new philosophy of life for consumers and a new sales policy for farmers and distributors.

Day after day the food found on our plates is becoming more globalized in terms of where they come from: tomatoes from Foggia, the beautiful bananas from Cameroon, avocadoes of Venezuela, tasty mangoes from Senegal,  fish  frommore

Photo documentary “Garment factory”

This gallery contains 11 photos.


These images are a part of a continuing series by Shaun Fynn documenting work, workers and their environment. This factory based near Coimbatore, India, specializes in the manufacture of garments specifically for the export market and utilizes sophisticated methods of automation as well as manual labour. It is also an example of a pristine manufacturing environment … more

A different business view

Solo eyewear occhiali

A company that deserves to be mentioned here – on The Human Marketing website – is a company that not only focuses on the bottom line, but most importantly focuses on other values and a social vision, which we believe in (see our philosophy).

For many good reasons SOLO Eyewearmore