About Alessandro Barulli

I'm the founder of The Human Marketing. I live in Italy. A short personal picture of me? Dreamer. Blogger. Idealist. Free thinker. Unconventional. Open mind. Respectful. Father. Sunrise, sunset and stars lover.

The human side of Google

This is the story of Yusuf and Baldev. Two young friends living in Lahore and spending all their time together, as only kids use to. But suddenly one day their lives change. Their Country is partitioned and overnight Baldev is forced to move to Delhi. Since that moment he is unable to see, play and spend time with his best friend. Maybe forever. At that time – it was 1947 – India and … more

A different business view

A company that deserves to be mentioned here – on The Human Marketing website – is a company that not only focuses on the bottom line, but most importantly focuses on other values and a social vision, which we believe in (see our philosophy). For many good reasons SOLO Eyewear is the perfect subject for THM! SOLO Eyewear was founded in 2011 by Jenny Amaraneni and Dana Holliday, while they were students at San Diego State University. Their company manufactures handcrafted sunglasses … more

Think it over

There should be a main question to consider any time we go shopping a new smartphone: how much it cost, in terms of people employed – better say used – to manufacture it? It is widely known that mobile phones are built mainly in China and a lot of people are aware about Foxconn worker suicides, due to performance stress, job conditions, working time and so on. Obviously the problem do not … more

Coke brings India and Pakistan closer

  The most recent philosophy of Coca Cola is to demonstrate a multinational can take care of some existing problems here and there in the world. For this reason they started using the "open happiness" payoff in their adv campaign.   Recently Coke did something more than using a payoff, trying to bring India and Pakistan closer. It is widely known the two countries do not have good relationships since many years. But is it a "national" … more