About Eleonora Barbaresi

Eleonora Barbaresi, 31 years old, from Marche (Italy), life lover. I got a degree at Perugia University on Languages for Business Administration and then attended an annual course on International Business. I worked for two years in a company, where I matured the idea of not being only oriented to profits but mainly for the human aspects of people. That's why I started to study Counseling and Dynamic Relations. The Human Marketing gives me the chance to see company and business world with the eyes of a person that still feels emotions! My passions: sports*reading*writing*photos*India

A happy ending also for marketing

  Finally after several months of obscurity on the subject that I have studied for years, something interesting and engaging has been born! To summarize in three steps my story. I studied business management. I worked for a couple of companies after my education and had to finally flee appalled by the dishonesty with which they worked: their single goal being to gain profits. It was a trauma to give up my principles and values … more