About Eleonora De Paolis Foglietta

Foglietta is her second surname. She manages sales for her e-commerce website www.blueeco.it . She also cooperates with a vintage bijoux manufacturer living in Rome and recently started to promote online a unique painter living in Matera and well famous for his creations. She also writes on social magazine gushmag.it , where she has her own space "Decrescita felice-ecostyle". She is not left or right oriented, while she is on the justice side.

Misleading advertising

    The word crisis in Chinese is composed of two ideograms wej-ji which respectively mean danger and opportunity. If the first symbol did not exist the second would not make sense because each one of us in a condition of well-being does not ask questions and lives in pleasure without any worries. The mind finds solutions and strategies only in the face of danger and trouble. In other words, the human … more