About Eric Lambert Noumbo

Eric Lambert Noumbo was born in Cameroon. He has a Bachelor's of Science on Agribusiness and got in Italy, where he's living, a degree in Economics and Finance at Politecnica University of Marche. He's attending a degree in Economics and International Commerce at Macerata University. He has been involved in many projects and analysis concerning payment balance at Cameroon Ministry of Economy and Finance. Actually he cooperates with Italian SMEs, developing new markets in Africa and Middle East.

The harvest of shame

I sometimes ask myself why certain foodstuffs – such as fruits and vegetables are sold at a low price. The Price has become a new philosophy of life for consumers and a new sales policy for farmers and distributors. Day after day the food found on our plates is becoming more globalized in terms of where they come from: tomatoes from Foggia, the beautiful bananas from Cameroon, avocadoes of Venezuela, tasty mangoes from Senegal,  fish  fromGuinea, the Ivory Coast's cocoa and so on. But what really happens upstream , prior to these products arriving on the shelves in a fully stocked European supermarket?  In what  working conditions do you find … more