About Shaun Fynn

Shaun Fynn is an acclaimed designer and photographer with a long history of advising and creating for Fortune 500 companies. Since founding STUDIOFYNN in 1997 he has lived and practiced globally including the UK, Italy the US and India working in the areas of design, design research, design education and photo documentary.

An ethical garment factory in India

    For 16 years I have owned my own industrial design and research studio so I became very exposed to factories, production workers and manufactured goods. Over the years I became progressively more and more interested in the wider issues and stories behind the products and objects we use and consume. Issues of the human condition of work, the ethics of employment, well being, sustainability etc. are all very … more

Photo documentary “Garment factory”

This gallery contains 11 photos.

  These images are a part of a continuing series by Shaun Fynn documenting work, workers and their environment. This factory based near Coimbatore, India, specializes in the manufacture of garments specifically for the export market and utilizes sophisticated methods of automation as well as manual labour. It is also an example of a pristine manufacturing environment with ethical labour practice. Although there is a regiment to the environment and … more