Fairphone, the “good” smartphone


A new consciousness is arising worldwide.

It reflects the consideration that sometimes we buy products that come from workers exploitation and a supply chain which funds other more or less obscure interests.

Have you ever heard about "blood diamonds"? Not yet? This link to Amnesty International website may help you.

In some cases profits are used not to properly pay workers. They are a source to fund civil war or illegal armed forces in some African countries.

What is surprising is that what happens in African mines don't refer only to diamonds and other valuable stones. But also to precious minerals used, for instance, to manufacture a smartphone.


Following a new concept of fair business at all levels, in 2010 Waag society, Action Aid and Schrijf-Schrijf started a project related to the use of conflict minerals in electronics.

After three years they have established their own company and are ready to distribute their Fairphone.


Fairphone is a smartphone that:

  • uses fair and conflict free resources
  • pay fair wages, from mines to the assembly lines
  • pay attention to the problems of recycling
  • let you know who are its suppliers
  • is dual sim, so you don’t need to buy a second phone
  • has a clear and trasparent price


Many other features are well explained at www.fairphone.com where the first 25,000 units are available for online purchase.



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Fairphone, the “good” smartphone
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