The Human Marketing borns with a definite idea: to bring brightness in a world – the one of marketing – which is often used to shape consumers' behaviors in an incorrect, or even wrong, way.


We consider extremely important to inform about unclear situations, or – at the same time – attesting virtuous attitudes as well.

We like those companies that prefer to respect people, the environment, the place in which they operate, the real needs of clients/consumers and, of course, the owners and shareholders expectations.


That means no more and only exasperated profits search, market conditioning, unnecessary needs diffusion with the only aim of making sales and money.
On the contrary a new evoluted "company-client-world" relationship: the value must be equally shared, for the common benefits of all parts involved.


At THM we believe there could be a path to walk together – companies and clients/consumers – made of transparency, correctness and shared values for a real and global evolution: this is the road of The Human Marketing. 


Just a courtesy: if you agree with us and our ideal share them as much as possible.

The more we'll be, the greater is our voice and the contribution to a better world.



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