A “green” App by Nike

Nike Making App

What if you were able to design products with a low impact on the environment? What if you could select the right mix of materials to obtain something (almost) fully recyclable?

The Making App allows a product designer to keep an eye on the product life cycle, from manufacturing to dismissing and recycling.

Where this App comes from? From Nike that released the contents of its Materials Sustainability Index, an in-house study about materials used to manufacture apparel and shoes products. It’s since 2005 that the company has a special attention to the impact of its products on the environment and it has now decided to share this knowledge with designers interested in following this approach to the market.

That means thanks to the App you may know how 22 different product materials (e.g. cotton, silk, polypropylene and so on) interacts with the environment. For each one are considered water use, energy, chemistry needed in the manufacturing process and waste impact. Of course the study keeps into consideration only the materials used by Nike, but hopefully this is the first step and many more will follow.



We hope this important tool could represent the starting point for a wider and more green oriented production.

The Making App is available here.



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A “green” App by Nike
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