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It may happen – sooner or later, suddenly or after deep meditation – to revise our own point of view, targets and convictions.

It happened also to me, after a seminar during which I stated that marketing is sometimes used in an improper way.

Making some examples of companies incorrect actions I told the attendants these things should be communicated and the consumers informed about.

On the contrary those companies using marketing clearly and transparently, that are virtuous, that are socially and environmentally responsible should receive an higher attention by markets. 

From these thoughts it came pretty easily an "open" project – The Human Marketing - which aims to bring brightness towards a too often unknown world.


What The Human Marketing is?

A community where we speak about this business function from a different point of view. 

Marketing not only as a way to increase sales and profits, but activity that allows the company to generate richness in different manners, also for the society.

Widely speaking a richness to share in a virtuous way, to benefit many people not only a few.


THM is also complaint, reflection and sharing of incorrect companies behavior, so that everybody knows how things really goes.

Hopefully pushing them towards fair and transparent initiatives, attitudes and actions.


The Human Marketing is an open project.

Open to everyone willing to contribute as author or to translate it for a wider diffusion.

It is a project made by people for the people.

Because the human aspect is too often positioned behind other pseudo values.


What can you do to help The Human Marketing to grow up if you agree with its principles and ideals?

It's easy: just share posts and news with your contacts, friends and people you know either through THM pages on Facebook, PinterestLinkedIn and Twitter.


It's like planting a tree…

If we are a lot doing it soon we'll have a forest.

I am an idealist and say that with a small engagement we'll have a better world.

I just pushed the "start" button.

Since today – Sep. 05th, 2013 – The Human Marketing belongs to everybody.

And to you.



Alessandro Barulli

(The Human Marketing Founder)


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