Closed on Sunday


Famila has more than 200 stores in Italy, where is present since 1984, when the mother company in Germany decided to enter this market.

In many countries the distribution of food and beverages is open 7 days a week. In some of them it is open either 24/7, to satisfy consumers needs.

But this year Famila in Italy has adopted a different policy: they remain closed on Sunday! What’s going on? According to the chain management there are four important reasons that drive this decision:

  1. For the Workers, to let them spend more time at home, having some rest and enjoying the family.
  2. For the Consumers, encouraged to shop on Saturday to benefit from special deals, offers and extra discounts.
  3. For the Community: instead of shopping on Sunday people can use their free time for social actions, volunteering, charity or simply helping other people needs.
  4. For the Environment, because thanks to this daily closure a lot of energy used for heating, cooling and lighting is saved. Not to mention the car pollution of workers and shoppers. Famila has calculated in more than 3.000 tons of CO2 the saving, which corresponds to more than 18.000 trees saved each year.

Are they good reasons to justify this important action?
For us at The Human Marketing, yes! And we appreciate very much.


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Closed on Sunday
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