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Eleonora Barbaresi

Eleonora Barbaresi, 31 years old, from Marche (Italy), "life lover". Has got a degree at Perugia University on Languages for Business Administration and then attended an annual course on International Business. Has worked for two years in a company, where has matured the idea of not being only oriented to profits but mainly for the human aspects of people. That's why she started to study Counseling and Dynamic Relations. "The Human Marketing gives me the chance to see company and business world with the eyes of a person that still feels emotions!"

 Her passions: sports*reading*writing*photos*India



eleonora de paolis foglietta

Eleonora De Paolis Foglietta

Foglietta is her second surname.

She manages sales for her e-commerce website . She also cooperates with a vintage bijoux manufacturer living in Rome and recently started to promote online a unique painter living in Matera and well famous for his creations.

She also writes on social magazine , where she has her own space "Decrescita felice-ecostyle".

Not left or right politically oriented, she is on the justice side. 



Shaun Fynn

Shaun Fynn

Shaun Fynn is an acclaimed designer and photographer with a long history of advising and creating for Fortune 500 companies.

Since founding STUDIOFYNN in 1997 he has lived and practiced globally including the UK, Italy, the US and India working in the areas of design, design research, design education and photo documentary.




Eric Noumbo

Eric Lambert Noumbo

Eric Lambert Noumbo was born in Cameroon. He has a Bachelor's of Science on Agribusiness and got in Italy, where he's living, a degree in Economics and Finance at Politecnica University of Marche. He's attending a degree in Economics and International Commerce at Macerata University. He has been involved in many projects and analysis concerning payment balance at Cameroon University of Economy and Finance.

Actually he cooperates with Italian SMEs, developing new markets in Africa and  Middle East.



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