THM Team

Who is behind The Human Marketing?

Some people that share the vision of the project and participate in it for free, just because they want to contribute with some help.

They are all volunteers - pushed by a real passion – that dedicate part of their free time to let THM grows up.

Do you want to join the crew? You're very welcome.




Alessandro Barulli

Alessandro Barulli

I'm the founder of The Human Marketing. I live in Italy.

In my career I've been working in strategies and marketing and this let me reach the point of view expressed by THM: companies do not have only to look at the profits. They have to consider workers, suppliers, clients, customers, the environment and the society. This will be the next great (r)evolution.

A personal picture of me? Dreamer. Blogger. Idealist. Free thinker. Unconventional. Open mind. Respectful. Father. Sunrise, sunset and stars lover.


  Alessandro – Alex for his foreign friends – is also an author and signs some of the  articles published on THM.




Victoria Lutterodt

Victoria Lutterodt

I am Victoria Lutterodt, I was born in Accra, Ghana. I have been living in Como for ten years now.

I am finishing a course in Business Administration. I joined the THM team because I want to help promote the aim that it thrives to project globally. With this in mind I would like to refer to Herbert Spencer's phrase… "Survival of the fittest"… which will then became one of the Darwin's most famous quotes on adaptation. Of all the explanations given to these words I prefer this one… "by the word fittest Darwin meant  better adapted for immediate, local environment… not the common modern meaning  in good physical shape e.g. an athlete, but more of a puzzle able to fit into the  immediate situation".


 Victoria is in charge at THM for translations from/to English.





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